How to Write an Essay on Truth and Courage Nov 29th, 2019   [viewed 80 times]

You Can Write an Essay on Truth and Courage in Different Essay Types

When you are asked to write an essay on truth and courage, you can write it very passionately by example of as these values is close to our heart and soul. One of the first basic lessons in life we are taught is to be true to ourselves and have courage in whatever we do. These moral values are important in life.

Importance of Honesty

A person has to be honest not only for others but for his or her own conscience as well. The proverb ‘honesty is the best policy’ is a very common one. It means that the truth has to be told no matter what the consequences. Being dishonest will only bring unhappiness to you. It is said that when you tell the truth you succeed regardless of the circumstances.

Fear and Courage

Courage is the ability one has in confronting fear and pain. It is a characteristic which people possess in varying degree. There are two types of courage. Physical courage; which is the ability to withstand pain and death and the other which is moral courage; which is the courage to act right in the face of severe opposition. It is only human to be afraid of something. But it takes a courageous person to overcome this fear. A useful essay tip to note is that in your essay, you may discuss different types of fears briefly and how mental or physical courage is needed to overcome them. Many people fear change and the unfamiliar. Some people have fears that are unfounded which or extreme. For example, some people fear heights while some people are excessively fearful of insects. These are referred to as phobias. You need mental courage to overcome such phobias.

Different Essay Form

Your essay can be written as an analytical essay, a persuasive essay, a personal essay or a narrative essay. For example; if you want to write about a personal experience of how truth and courage has shaped your life or how someone else’s courage has inspired you, then your essay can be written as a narrative essay. If you want to write about the importance of truth and courage you can write a persuasive essay. Based on the subject matter you can decide which way you wish to write your essay. The main focus of your essay should be about moral values. It is up to you to decide on the stance you are taking with regards to the importance of these moral values.

Your essay on truth and courage should highlight the importance in following these values. You may benefit by looking up some of the sample online essays provided by essay writing services for a little bit of inspiration and insight in to how professional writers pen their thoughts in this type of an essay.